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 License - MA 51463 

 Lisa Daniel
Licensed & Nationally Certified 
Massage Therapist  

My name is Lisa Daniel and I've been a licensed massage therapist since 2007. Along the years, I began receiving requests for more appointments than I could handle on my own, so I began giving those appointments away to friends. At a certain point, I decided to just turn this overflow into a small business.

I love my work as a massage therapist and only work with other therapists who share the same passion for their work.

To this end, I only work with a few select
  massage therapists so that I can be confident that I am sending out the very best.

I've had the benefit of working along side many of these wonderful  therapists throughout my career and consider many of them to be close friends. 

Others have been referred to me by fellow therapists and friends.
  I have had the pleasure of having received at least one massage from each one of them allowing me to experience their skills.

Personality is also a big part of my selection.
  I look for professional, reliable, friendly, compassionate therapists who love their work and love helping people to feel better.


Each one has anywhere from  two to twenty- plus years of experience as a massage therapist. 

In addition to providing  wonderful relaxation and deep tissue massages, we each are skilled and certified in various assorted  techniques and modalities.   You can find our full
Massage Selection by clicking here



Languages: We all speak English.  Many of us also speak other languages, such as Spanish, French, Croation.

We are a pretty international bunch. As of this writing- from: USA, England, France, Spain, Argentina, Cuba

But we have all received our training, board exams and licensing in the state of Florida








For the past nine years, I have been providing the healing benefits of massage directly to my clients in the comfort of their home, office, hotel, and local spa.

I specialize in relaxation and pain
management, customizing each massage to help my clients relax, 
relief their aches & pains and Improve their flexibility.

I am experienced with sciatica, neck, shoulder & back pain, headaches, knee pain,
Insomnia, stress, sore tired muscles, etc.

I also work with a few other skilled and Licensed Massage Therapists, who help me provide couple's massages, corporate chair massages and other modalities such as prenatal and lymphatic drainage massage.

Please feel free to call me with any questions or to Schedule your appointment.


786-239-8990 - Lisa    


All  Therapists have a current & active Massage Therapist License from the State of Florida Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance, and they all have been Nationally Certified prior to receiving their License

Therapists should always carry their Massage Therapist License with them and you can always ask to see it.

Below is a copy of my License, ( Front and Back ),
so you can see what an authentic License looks like.
This is a wallet size version.



Licensing Requirements by the State of Florida

 We are required to study 500+ hours from an accredited Massage School.

   Click here to view a list of the Sciences and Bodywork that we study 

Once we graduate, we are then required to pass the State Board Exam by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Once we pass the board exam, we are then allowed to apply for our Massage Therapist License with the State of Florida.

We must renew our License every two years.  In order to do so, we are required to take several hours of Continuing Education Courses.



All therapists are asked to follow these protocols

- Therapist needs to arrive on time.  If they are stuck in traffic, or delayed for any reason, they are required to call the client  immediately

- Therapists will leave the room,( step into the bathroom to wash their hands ) allowing the client to undress in private, get on the table and cover up.  The therapist  will knock before coming back into the room.

- Therapist will leave the room when the massage is completed so the client can get dressed in private.

- Draping is mandatory and not optional.
 The client must always be covered during the massage.  It is perfectly fine for the client to be completely nude underneath the sheet or towel.  The therapist must keep the client's private parts covered at all times.  No exceptions are permitted even if the client requests it.

- If a client makes any inappropriate or illegal remarks, requests, or actions, the therapist will terminate the massage immediately.  The client will still be responsible for paying the full price of the scheduled massage.













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