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EFT - is our Pressure Release Valve

You can think of EFT  as our body's Natural built-in Pressure Release Valve, much like the valve on a Pressure Cooker. 

If stress is allowed to accumulate without release, it can eventually develop into  
 ( Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Cravings, Addictions, Phobias, illnesses,

EFT has some simple techniques that can be blended into your massage to help release stress and relieve pain and tension.

EFT also has many other techniques used for more complex issues, but those can not be blended into a massage.

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EFT Massage


Experience a relaxing - Healing massage blended with EFT.  ( Emotional Freedom Techniques )

I often use EFT  in my Massage Therapy & Bodywork  in order to help my clients release tension, and pain.  

Many times, physical pain is due to repressed emotions.  It's been my experience that EFT is the most effective way to release this type of pain.

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Whether someone comes in complaining of  Stress, back pain, headaches or sciatica pain, I find that incorporating EFT into their massage usually produces a faster relieve.  Not to mention some wonderful and unexpected side effects
... please read below


....I recently had a new client that called me for a massage for a headache, neck & back pain.  After the massage, she was elated.  All her pain had disappeared.  She felt relaxed and re-energized and she just could not believe how good she was feeling.  Then she cautiously asked me if it was possible for a massage to increase someone's self confidence.  She seemed almost afraid to ask me that question as though I would think she was crazy.  But I quickly replied, yes, it is absolutely possible because I included some EFT tapping in your massage. 

 I then explained what EFT was and she was fascinated.  She expressed  that she had been feeling very  insecure about her new job and after the massage all that had disappeared along with her headache and other pains.  She said she now felt extremely confident about her new job.  She felt like her old self again.   ----   Again, I have to repeat, she was elated.

Now, as good as I like to think that my massage work is, I am quite sure that  her lack of confidence dissipated thanks to the EFT work that I included in her massage.  As for the headache and other pains,  well that is anyone's guess  --- could have been the massage, could have been the EFT or simply the combination of the two..

If you want to experience this wonderful blended work for yourself, call me to schedule your EFT Massage. 

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Some other results achieved with an EFT massage


Reduced Cravings for sweets

Reduced Cravings for Cigarettes

Reduced stress

Reduction & Elimination of Pain 

Increased relaxation

Lowered Blood Pressure

Reduced Insomnia / Faster & more Restful  Sleep



What is EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques ?  
EFT is a natural mind-body-energy modality combining several techniques and tools, to help rebalance the body's Energy System and Nervous System.  It is used for many things, from Chronic Pain, Stress & Anxiety to Phobias, Nausea, Cravings & Addictions & much more.   

For a full  list of issues that can be helped by using EFT or to learn more about EFT, please go to


What is an EFT Massage ?  It is my way of blending the best of both modalities in order to trigger the body's natural built-in mechanism to relax and release stress and tension.

What is it like ?  Just like any other massage, it will be performed while you lay down on a very comfortable massage table, covered with clean white linen.    I will play very soft relaxing massage music,

You can select any type of  massage modality: Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Full-body or Specific Neuromuscular Therapy work, etc.

During your Massage I will incorporate some  EFT  which may include:

Manual Stimulation of Different Points on your body.  These points correspond to the Energy Meridians that have been  Mapped  and used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.  They are  the same energy meridians used in  acupuncture. But I do NOT use any Needles.  I stimulate these points by Tapping, Touching, Rubbing,  Vibrating, Holding or  Pressing.


Breathing:  I may ask you to focus on your breathing at certain points.

Silence or Talking during your  massage:  depending on each person's situation,  the   EFT Massage might  be performed in complete silence specially if you are receiving a   full-body relaxation massage.  It can also be performed with some talking while expressing the things that are currently bothering you or creating stress in your life.

Cravings -  If you would like to use the massage to work on a particular craving that you would like to reduce, I will have you focus and talk about that craving during certain parts of your massage.

Other components - EFT-  is a very intuitive process, so I might find myself adding other components, but normally it is a combination of the ones listed above.  This is because a  massage limits the EFT techniques that I can use.  

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