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List of some Symptoms and conditions that can be caused by Trigger Points (TrPs):



Anxiety & Nervousness (by TrPs that restrict muscles used in breathing, thereby restricting oxygen to the brain and other organs and initiating the fight or flight response)


Fatigue: multiple TrPs


Migraines & Headaches

Sciatica Pain


Whiplash - ( trigger points are often created in the cervical muscles involved in whiplash  after an auto accident )


Neck & Shoulder Pain

Frozen Shoulder
Computer Shoulder

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


Stiff neck

Low back pain


Tennis Elbow
Golfer's Elbow


Painful weak grip that may let go

Problems holding arms up (as when folding sheets)


Carpal Tunnel-like pain in wrist (watchband area)

Arm, hand & finger- ( Pain, Tingling, Numbness, weakness, immobility )


TMJ Symdrome: Jaw Pain, Clicking, and restrictions


Earaches, ringing, itch


Nausea vomiting


Balance problems - staggering gait


Dizziness when turning head or changing field of view
Double, blurry, changing vision

Visual perception problems

Some stripes and checks cause dizziness

Tearing or reddening of eye
Drooping of eyelid


Pressure of eyeglasses or headbands is painful


Shortness of breath

Angina / Chest Pain that resembles a Heart attack

Heart Arythmia, Rapid, fluttery, irregular heartbeat


Hypersensitive nipples & breast pain

Ischemia ( lack of blood, circulation to an area)


Numbness and tingling: nerve entrapment by TrPs


Diffused swelling: vascular entrapment by TrPs


Muscle Spasms, Cramps & twitching




Limited Range of Motion


Immobility ( unable to move, shoulder, hip, jaw fingers, neck, etc.)


Drooling in sleep

Difficulty swallowing

Dry cough

Sore throat

Sinus stuffiness
Runny Nose

Unexplained toothaches
Bruxism (teeth grinding):

Impotence: pudendal nerve entrapment



Groin pain

Painful intercourse

Urinary frequency

Stress incontinence, anal, genital, perineal pain:


Light and/or broken sleep pattern with unrefreshing sleep:

Myoclonus (muscle movements and jerks at night): local TrPs

Morning stiffness: multiple TrPs


Bloating/nausea/abdominal cramps
Appendicitis-like pains
Abdominal cramps, colic

Menstrual problems or Diarrhea and/or pelvic pain:

Lax, pendulus abdomen

Irritable bowel

Reflux esophagitis: ( acid reflux, heartburn )

Weak ankles

Upper/lower leg cramps

Tight Achilles tendons

Knee Pain

Buckling knee

Problems climbing stairs
Problems going down stairs

Shin splint-type pain

Heel pain

Tight hamstrings

Outer Thigh :numbness/tingling on the outer thigh

Restless leg syndrome

First steps in the morning feel as if walking on nails




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