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What is a Trigger Point?

      A Trigger Point is a  Hyperirritable spot on a muscle fiber that can produce pain and other symptoms.  Sometimes the pain is referred to another spot on the body that is far away from the actual Trigger Point.  For example; there can be trigger points on a calf muscle, called the Soleus muscle, which can refer pain to the Jaw... that's right, the Jaw.  It cal also refer pain to your lower back, or knee.   There can also be trigger points in neck  muscles that can produce pain up into your head & face and down into your shoulder, arm, wrist and even fingers.  If left untreated, they can even cause your fingers to lock.

Trigger Points (on the upper back )  feel like Knots when you massage them



Trigger Points can be very tricky and can produce many other symptoms in addition to Pain - Symptoms such as  Numbness, Tingling, Limited Range of Motion, locking, inflammation, Nerve Entrapment, droopy eyelid, dry cough, and even Impotence 







 How are Trigger Points Created?


There are many factors involved in the development of trigger points.  Here are some examples:


- poor posture

- overuse of muscles through continuous long term repetitive movements

- Auto accidents, falls, injuries
- Sitting for long periods of time ( at work, at school, in car, etc.)

- surgeries

- Inactivity
- dehydration
- Stress - Anxiety
- PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
- Emotional Reasons
- low on certain minerals such as ( magnesium & calcium )
- poor nutrition ( you can be overweight & still  be undernourished if you eat junk-food)

- poor circulation


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Points can be released in different ways, depending on their location, intensity and other mitigating factors.  Once the trigger points are released, the pain and other symptoms created by them will disappear, often immediately


Some ways of releasing trigger points are: 

- Manual massage techniques that applying static or fluid pressure.


- Massage techniques that lengthen the hyper-contracted / shortened muscles and reenergize the

   hyper-stretched muscles


- Hydrotherapy applications of Cold and/or heat


- Stretching - specific stretches  and muscle reeducation


- Education - teaching you self care & maintenance techniques to manage them

- Mind-Body & Energy work to release stress, anxiety and emotional trauma
   ( rebalance the Energy system and the Autonomic Nervous System)



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